It is not a bad thing if it sounds good. You have to make the choice of what sounds good and what doesn't. If you think it is a bit high on the repetitive scale then take a break for a day or two and listen to the whole thing with no skipping around then decide. Try letting others listen and give fe... Thought these graphs would be relevant considering you are trying to ...
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Try checking out Zynaddsubfxs microtuning features they might lead somewhere. ... s-updated/
Well LMMS is free so no risk trying it. If you are buying the hardware just to get LMMS then you should think about it a little longer. Just try out all the daws you can and then decide on one.
Try using an automation track + adding the instrument you want to control the volume of to a mixer. Use Control + left click to drag the mixers volume control to the automation track and place points to gradually increase volume throughout the track.
It's nice to keep them separate so you put them in different mixing channels and help you keep more organized. If you really like a instrument for more than one thing you could always hit the gear button and clone the track so you can put it in different mixing channels and rename them for organizat...
Sidechain compression is where one instrument is compressed based on another. Example would be the bass only getting compressed when the drum hits. Peak controller can be used along with the sidechain compression plugin to create this effect. Would recommend looking up a video tutorial on that.
The peak controller can be great for sidechain compression and the lfo is nice because it can be attached to any single knob in the program.