Based on your favorite: incredibly rich, melting electronica. Very nice. The track name also made me laugh.
There are many, I find most of the artists I listen to inspire me. In terms of the music I gravitate toward making: For old school goa projects: Astral Projection Electric Universe Modern goa and the people who inspire me the most in terms of modern production: Celestial Intelligence (These guys I w...
I'm not too familiar with trap... is it used as loops?
Not much I can add other than it was well put together! I particularly liked the synths toward the end. It's gonna be in my head for a while. What is the milk in reference to?
There are massive threads on psy bassline techniques on some of the dedicated forums. I'm only a beginner myself but after on and off research and playing around for the past year, among other things, I've managed to get the basic but not really rounded sound (you probably don't want it really round...
I'm a sucker for long build ups of patterns and this fits nicely. Nice space in the track and that is a phat bass, love it when it comes in with the highs cut off and it's just booming with reverb. Listened to it like 4 times now on loop. Just wah, boom boom in the lasers!
D.Ipsum wrote:
Sat Jul 15, 2017 7:38 pm
Nature likes to deviate ... :)
Yep, too true
That was immense fun!
That's a bouncy, full sound you got there, with a nice bit of satisfactory crunch. Yea, cool track. Also enjoyed the next track on the playlist!
Thank you for your warm welcome and kind words brandystarbrite... I'm looking forward to hanging out here more often. Definitely want to get involved with development side of LMMS when I get a chance too. Got an exam coming up so music stuff will have to sadly take a backburner until that is done. H...