how do i join a competition like this? First of all, I'm glad you to have an interest in LMMS competitions. We can not enter Best of LMMS because we do not hold ones now.
I won BOL 5, but do I need to submit a wav file?
Should I wait until mail arrives?
I think the size limit of the profile icon is too strict. :yuck: I want to use the picture which take. But it is too large size.(over 3mb?) So, I resized it. However I could not go below the file size no matter how small the icon was. I think it is impossible to fit the file size within 2 kb. Besid...
grejppi wrote:
Mon Jul 03, 2017 3:21 pm
Hi! Please join our Discord server which is probably the fastest way to get in touch with the LMMS organization.
I'm sorry. I could not find the Discord server.

I want to ......

•be a judge of BOL5
•host another competition of LMMS

Please tell me how to do it!
Hi! I will release the project file of the song I won with BOL 4 for a limited time. You can download it and translate to each language The name of the song is "Good Night Alice". Please specify the path of the sound font again. No one will be able to hid...
How many times is LMMS's cumulative number of downloads?

I confirmed the download frequency of the release by the end of 2015 in sourceforge, but I do not know the data after that.

Please tell me if someone you can understand.

I used Google Translate. Sorry for unnatural English.
I'm a lmms user of japanese high school student.
The best of LMMS's winning song project can be released?
I used Google Translate.
Sorry for unnatural English.
Thank you for answering my question!
Thank you for the result of The Best Of LMMS.
Please tell us the result of Round 1 of The Best Of LMMS for us?
We want to know the final ranking of our songs.
Also, I would like to know how to select round 2.
I used Google translation for this sentence.
Sorry for unnatural English.