Hi! I come to greet you after a very long silence! Holy beans! Nice to see you back after sooooooo long D.Ipsum . :D Make sure to stay on this forum longer, and don't disappear on us so soon. Lol! :D Okay. This tune sounds really good. I dig the slightly dark style of it, especially in the bass mel...
Hi! I come to greet you after a very long silence! Since my last visit to the forum, I continued my musical journey with LMMS 1.1.3 for a few months (yep, I need to finish my projects before upgrading to the latest LMMS version). My situation is now more complicated and I no longer have a music PC ....
Melodic Progressive ... House? I would not say "House". I have the impression that today, in the family of electronic music, the notion of genre no longer makes much sense. <deleted by admin for non-compliant links> It seems to be a big project, pretty hard to handle (?). Are there many t...
Canilho wrote:
Thu Oct 25, 2018 1:46 am
Thank you all, with a special shout to 2 of my personal (maybe non human) musical superheros of this comunity brandystarbrite and d.ipsum for the great feedback they had gave not just to me but also to a lot of new comers.

You Rock :D
(... I am human :) ...) (thanks)
Should I use the kicker section in presets? Zynsubaddeffects? Or the drums and drumsynth from the samples? And it seems like I can't change the tone for drums using the kicker? Should I just not use the kicker if I want to possibly change tones? It is possible to synthesize percussive sounds with a...
lainz wrote:
Thu Oct 18, 2018 5:55 pm
Sorry, what does Mo mean in the video?

(et je te souhaite la bienvenue :) )
mfox32322 wrote:
Thu Nov 29, 2012 5:19 am
Hi everyone,
Good idea. Using loops in this way also allows you to have a Song Editor not overloaded. It's convenient for big projects ;)
spohlmann wrote:
Tue Dec 11, 2018 8:46 pm
Hey guys,
sorry for the stupid question but where can I download vsts like that?
some links :


you're welcome
https://youtu.be/yym_0_oxjGo Nice video. By extension, I would say that Lo Fi (Low Fidelity) refers to any technique of degradation of sound quality. In the effects included in LMMS (at least in LMMS 1.1.3), you can use : - LADSPA: Lo Fi - LADSPA: Smooth Decimator - LADSPA: Disintegrator - LADSPA: ...
Do not hesitate to propose a link to listen to your tracks (in the Music Projects section of the forum), and ask for advice, or specific questions. I think there will always be someone to tell you interesting things :)