Nice one!

I would say to make the bass a bit more narrow (with C* Narrower).
Symbient wrote:
Fri Dec 15, 2017 8:26 pm
Also I remade Earth with forest ambience. Here you go,
Oh yeah, it changes everything, I find this version much more engaging.

People living in the city will be delighted :D
Nice one, always a very good rhythm, the synth pads are good, but a little discreet.
Indeed, kick and snare are louder than the rest.
A very heavy kick to keep us on the floor, the reverb keeps a nice world in the background, the attention can freely wander from one element to another, nice one!
Terrible, good atmosphere, I appreciate it well under the sun that hits hard. Too bad the end is so brutal ...
Here's the new remix. I decided to use an online service called "PhonicMind" to extract the vocals. I hope you all enjoy it. I think this one is the best I've made :) The full mix with the extracted vocals layered over it: ..,And the instrumental mix for ...
Just finished another track. And another track bites the dust. Good atmosphere in Molecular Biology . On this track, maybe because of the mix, my attention is more focused on the drums than on the pads. These drums are a little too dry of fx, ha...
Nice track!
Nice mix of genres, sounds good!