I'm not crazy? Is topic named:
"What is missing in LMMS?"
I even got there?
zonkmachine wrote:Then please use that other DAW is my suggestion.
If it is your suggestion then and will make by yourself! You suggestion is usual flood underlined your incompetence.
@musikbear Don't nervouse please. :) I didn't want to hurt you. Umcaruje explained to me all troubles linked whith VST-support in Windows on Discord channell. I hope you will be able to solve this problem in stable version. Because right now, it really doesn't work. Specifically: LMMS does not store...
You have had a good start when you have implemented support for VST. But in practice it does not work. I have many times been interested when will be fixed bugs with VST. What prevents to do the normal VST-support?
What about notes stretching in sampler?
No audio connect and no transport synchronisation are supported in LMMS. It's sad... Why?
VST crushs LMMS, what's wrong?
I want to add also that there is no mode of stretching the notes in LMMS sampler. it's not allow to apply modern playing techniques whithout instruments. It's sad...
Stretch the notes involves the same length when you change the tone, i.e. note length will not change in the sampler. It's called stretch mode but there is not in LMMS, unfortunately.
Rewireble & FX-preset manager Hi, devs! Do you plan to implement rewireble support in LMMS not as a VST but native plugin that will work in master/slave mod? I found an old topic here, but found no answer. LMMS instrument set is rich, but it doesn't support audio record and clips. Sometime need to l...