My bad! it did highlight the scale, it was just hardly noticeable.
Hello, I was trying to read up on basic things like chord progression and melody and I wanted to test out the chord highlighting function. I do exactly as he does in his video. I'm not using LMMS 1.1.3, rather, I'm using the beta version, which has more stability and just looks better. I set the sca...
I made a collab with someone on the LMMS Discord! It took about a week to do but we were really happy with how the result turned out! Thank you for helping me do this collab, SkyEyeMX! Here's the track! Enjoy!: SkyEyeMX's Soundcloud::
The beginning theme before the percussion kicked in was N's Theme. I also took the last set of notes of N's Theme and made them smaller and smaller to make it seem more frantic. The glass shattering is supposed to represent Ghetsis going insane in the plot of Pokemon B/W. Overall, I thought this was...
This was my last track of 2017, I worked on it for a straight week and I actually had someone do some vocals for me! It turned out great! I used a Timpani Sample from Enjoy!

Musikbear was right! I fixed it with not much of a problem!
I recently got a very good Timpani Sample from freesound and it sounds great but when it plays really fast notes, it produces this small popping sound as a side effect that's kind of annoying. How do I clean up my sample to make that not happen?
I was looking for some high quality free timpani samples that sounded menacing and more realistic for an upcoming project and I was wondering if anyone had some?
I'm back again with another Remix! This time from Final Fantasy 15! I loved Final Fantasy 15 for everything it had to offer! It was really fun remixing this! Enjoy!
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