I suggest all synths have an "effect" in the FX tab simply labelled "Envelope", which controls how and when the effects of the Envelope tab take place. This "effect" should have a check box labelled "lock" which is normally checked. When locked, it should automatically place itself after any FX plug...

It's quite bassy. I made it using default plugins and samples (mostly TripleOsc). I'm looking for feedback because dubstep has always been one of my favourite genres, both old and new versions. I'm not sure if my "style" is really viable or not.

How is it? What would you change with it? It's only been my first year with LMMS, but I feel like this loop might be pretty dang good.

Any constructive criticism, both positive and negative, is greatly appreciated.
D.Ipsum wrote:
Sat May 12, 2018 2:19 am
SkyEyeMCCIX wrote:
Fri May 11, 2018 3:12 am
Pieces for ultrasounds are accepted?
Ultrasound music? Never heard of such a thing; so long as it can be listened to through normal means (ie, a physical speaker), it's accepted
Welcome to Sky's Alien Competition! You, entrant, are tasked with one thing and one thing only: please me, mortal- -i mean Make something Alien. How does one make alien music? Well put it this way. You're an alien. Never been exposed to music before at all, and then someone you abduct happens to ha...
https://youtu.be/0Z_hYCXMv6w https://soundcloud.com/skyeye-mccix/flight First off I'm not even sure if this counts as a Big Room or Electro House track at all; I'm not too good with genres heh... I'm relatively new to the music scene, having been doing LMMS on-and-off for about a year now. Here's a ...
https://youtu.be/yrZu6jnTTq4 https://soundcloud.com/skyeye-mccix/thunder Here's my second ever attempt at making dubstep. I used Watsyn mostly for the wobble bassses and growls and such. The intro took me the most time because I could never really get the hang of noise and background, but the rest I...
What exactly is it that makes 'hard' music sound 'hard'? Chords? Bass? Melodies?

I have yet to nail it down but I presume it's a mixture of low bass, noisy hats and snares, a simple and repetitive melody under a minor key, and lots of effects.

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https://soundcloud.com/skyeye-mccix/lightning This was my first attempt trying to come up with a 'hard' melody; any feedback? I've only been LMMSing for about 8 months now, so I haven't much experience. Some questions I'd like to ask: What would you rate the track out of 10? Do you find it repetitiv...
https://drive.google.com/open?id=117QQCm3b_XR78OYdguJ6xubTJp67VowH Here's the link to a .wav of the track. So far, it's just a beginning, a drop, and it all leads to a breakdown where the next melody would start, but there is nothing beyond that point. My plan is to give whomever it is who wants to ...