Good day boyz and gals,

A remix of a tune composed by an old friend of mine, Kannibus:

The original tune can be found here:

Hope you will enjoy it as much as I enjoyed remixing this tune!
Hi folks,

A brand new dub tune can be found here:

Hope you will appreciate it.
Hi Onnenpoika, For this tune, I used a sf2 called "ottofret" you can find here; And for the slide, I used "702-BuenosBassSlides" For other tunes (Satta in Dub for example), I used ZynAddSubFx with a preset called Bass1. If I remember well, that's the o...
Hi Brandystarbrite,

On the speaker system installed on my computer (Altec Lansing ACS340), the bass level sounded good when I mixed the tune. Maybe I should compare with my favorite dub albums (but not right now since the whole family is sleeping).

Anyway, thanks for your advice.
Good day boyz 'n gals,

A new dub tune is available here:

Hope you will enjoy it.
Hi boyz and gals,

It's harder and harder for me to create a bass line I'm happy with. Maybe inspiration is gone, maybe I'm harder and harder to please...

Anyway, a new dub tune: ... e-drop-dub

Hope you will enjoy it.
Hi boyz and gals,

It's been a while since my last dub track. Here is the new one:
Hi Davide,

The first step is to "reproduce", it certainly helps understanding how a great track is built. The second step is to interpret. What about an extended version, a dance version or even a dub version?
Hi Davide,

Nice remix of this great track of Massive Attack!
Hi Dewke,

Lot of good ideas in this tune, but I don't see the link between them. Your other tracks often had a clear structure, at least something I could understand, but this one doesn't (maybe I'm a bit tired....)