ayo my names DANYiL, and I'm a two year producer, I've been creating organically and figured i wanted to actually make something out of my producer name. I'm not looking for anything along the lines of creating the next brockhampton or odd future but making some dope music would be nice. i make trap...
i tried to adjust one of the automations, and then control, left mouse, replace the rest , lmms froze. Let me see if i get this correctly: By adjust you mean move in song-editor -Yes? By replace the rest you mean Moved-as-a-block also in song-editor -Yes? Did you save the project after you moved al...
I have a similar problem. i was playing around with volume automations, and since i had a small sample, the automation repeated every 2 bars. i had like 25 of them and everything was fine, but when i tried to adjust one of the automations, and then control, left mouse, replace the rest, my lmms froz...
I feel like this mix is pretty trash, any suggestions? i don't know really much at all about mixing so anything would be nice, even if it's blatantly obvious to you.
Can you guys check my mix? I'm not that good at it, and this sounds pretty muddy, any suggestions?
help how do i make my own new thread
Rafaelcortazio wrote:
Thu Aug 16, 2018 8:27 pm
Hello everyone...I decided to play on my piano and make something darker,what you think? feedback are welcome.

https://soundcloud.com/skymastersound/d ... n-the-dark
I love the synths you added, sounds great!
ME TOO! Can anyone help?
Hey Muski! I'm using a preset called rave_choir01 and they are being played in fairly quick succession at 130 bpm. I tried adjusting attack and release in volume, cutoff and resonance, with no success. Any ideas? :)