Check out the youtube video description to see how to do that. I KNOW it seems too awesome to be real ... but IT IS! Really, install it on a good tablet and you'll be able to use LMMS there too!
The controller rack is a module, part of LMMS that you can use to control different functions of it, it fact any of them. You just have to press Add to add an LFO controller , then press control and choose from the available settings. In order to connect the function with the LFO, you just have to r...
We all know that different people have different voices. An EQ can help you make your voice stand out and sound better. How to do this? Well, this is not complicated at all: 1. Record yourself. 2. Load the sample in LMMS 3. Go to the LMMS Mixer > Add Effect > Spectrum Analyzer 4. Play the song and o...
In order to get the best compatible version of LMMS, you can install it from the command line like so: 0. Make sure you have an internet conmection 1. Search for a thing called the "terminal" and write down "su" if you are operating on Debian, or "sudo" for Ubuntu. (no quotes) 2. Then, write down yo...
There are many ways you can make a theme in LMMS, but the easiest is to use the icons already provided in the default theme. To find the default theme you have to go to Computer > usr > share > lmms > themes > default , or just search for any of these folders in the computer folder. After that you c...
This is the Single Coil theme I've made for LMMS. Hope you enjoy it! Get it at:


Preview: ... OWCASE.png
This is a Black & White theme I've made for LMMS. Hope you enjoy it! Get it at:


For this tutorial we will use the LB302 Bass Synth. All you have to do is to: 1. Drag the instrument into the song editor 2. Press the slide button 3. Turn the slide decay all the way down 4. Turn the distortion up about 1/8 5. Press the triangle wave button 6. (optional) Turn the cutoff freqvency u...
This is a tutorial for people that have never used LMMS before:
How to make a soloing sound in LMMS

Check it out: