Hey! I've been using LMMS fine for a few years now but just today, all sounds I play in the DAW are stuttering. Basically, when a sound is played, like a piano, the volume keeps abruptly going from it's current setting to zero and back and forth rendering the software unusable for me at the moment. ...
D.Ipsum wrote:
Mon Sep 17, 2018 3:40 am
FenA wrote:
Sat Sep 15, 2018 10:34 pm
Sounds sweet, romantic. It seems that this break has been good for your music.

Is it you who sings?
Nope. I used a voice synthesizer program called Vocaloid. It's essentially a text-to-speech program but you can assign notes to the syllables.
I stopped making music for 4 months after a temporary phase of anger against my own music. I recently managed to get myself together again with a style that I find more inspiring, genuine, emotional and most importantly, more "me". This is Mooniwsher by Aoi from the upcoming 1st Single "The Rebellio...
REOL (stylized as RΞOL) is a (disbanded) Japanese group which consists of: Reol - Vocalist, Lyricist Giga-P - Producer Okiku - Illustrator, Movie Director Generally, their roles tend to get mixed and they help each other in doing anything. Even the illustrator does backing vocals sometimes. My favor...
where? add exact timestamps, for where the wanted sound starts, and less important -ends
Like @2:32 -> 2:55

https://soundcloud.com/meiden/imeiden-s ... eat-rachie - @00: 58 - 01: 30

https://soundcloud.com/meiden/imeiden-o ... dream-feat - @01: 29 - 02: 00
These two songs by an artist named iMeiden has something I found very puzzling in his drops. It sounds very full but all I can hear leading the drop is a very loud and full sounding synth with a lot of harmonies and a distinct bass. Both of those elements sound very clear. There is white noise but i...
I was doing some research on digital music distribution companies but I couldn't find out what they do besides putting your music on Spotify, iTunes, etc.

My question is: Do they actually do anything else besides putting up your music such as promoting it?
Recently, I've been puzzled about how my masters always sound so quiet. When I turn up the limiter's gain, it sounds squashed but if I lower the gain, it sounds too quiet. It sounds loud enough to me in LMMS but upon uploading it to Soundcloud, it sounds way more quiet than literally everyone else's...
Does anyone know about any small online music contests kind of like BoL5 where all you do is submit a song? I've been looking for some that covers March to June of this year. Preferably electronic contests. :D
I recently came across Illenium x Said the Sky's "Where'd U Go". I really liked it but the drop sounded kind of muddy for me so I converted the audio file into a waveform. The results were kind of confusing. Is this clipping? Is this good or bad? What exactly is happening? http://convert.ing-now.com...