Is it possible to make good music without knowing anything about music? A few years ago, I would have said no, but now, I think it's more than possible. All you need to start is to know a few basic chord progressions. You don't even have to know the specific notes and how they relate to each other. ...
Sounddrop is 'free'. Why would any free service want to promote your music? The same goes for any other paid distribution service as well. These services charge literally a handful of dollars for every track. That's not even enough to buy anyone's time for an hour at minimum wage. Promotion is a pay...
Have you checked out Splice?

It's mostly focused on EDM/hip hop, but it has a bunch of really great sample packs (meow the drums in particular) that have good progressive kicks. Would be a good base for designing your own kicks later
I really love the break and the drums at the 1:20 mark on Going Up. But the highlight of the track is the bass you have from 2:00 to 2;40.

If I'm honest, not the biggest fan of the synth pad you have on. It's too loud in the mix for once and takes away from the best part of your song - the DnB
The easiest way to understand how some songs sound "somber" is to break them down. What chord progressions do they use? What key are they in? Take "Sound of Silence" by Simon & Garfuknel for example. The chord progression for the first verse are Am-G-Am-F-C This is by no means a "sad" progression. I...
I love the beats in this!

The bells from the 1:00 mark made me smile. As well as the short break at 1:50.

This is my first post on this forum by the way. Downloaded LMMS because I couldn't afford Ableton. Loving it so far.

Now I realize that this is also a great place to discover music :D