Hello Brandy, I visited the factory before making that track and it was wicked, wicked , wicked !! And I won't tell you now about the Grandpa... quote=brandystarbrite post_id=62909 time=1561096288 user_id=668] Hello, I just posted a new track, the first of a serie to achieve my "Bluestar" album. I p...
Hi, Thank you for the feedback. Krupu, most of the sounds on that album are the basics from Nexus, and a few "Crank" sounds. If you want to know the exact name for one particular sound, tell me. Incorruptable, I think it remembers you 1930 decade, in one recent past life. Things have changed a lot, ...
Hello, I just posted a new track, the first of a serie to achieve my "Bluestar" album. I promise I'll post more, and more often now, I work hard for that ! https://soundcloud.com/user-930436467/grandpas-gun-factory Musically, it's an experimental for me, please tell me if you like that stuff (I don'...
Thank you all for your nice feedbacks. Brandy, honestly I think I have a lot of followers because I follow a lot of people, and most of them are kind with me and follow me back. About the quality of sounds, I think that a DAW makes absolutely no sound and that LMMS equals others, even if it's free a...
Hello "Incorruptable",

I already notices that we could create strong feelings by introducing 2 sounds at the same time. For example a syhtn and a drum.

Just try, it should happen ;)

Thank you for your precise comment.

At 2:15 it's several drums samples working together.

Have a nice day

Thank you Brandy, happy that you enjoyed.
For the time it took, maybe 15-20 hours, but I'm not totally sure, besause I usually work on several tracks at the same time.

Hi ! Here is new track, called "Flight Under the snow", It's the 3rd and last act of my EP "Winter". https://soundcloud.com/user-930436467/flight-under-the-snow It's the following of "Winter tragedy" https://soundcloud.com/user-930436467/winter-tragedy And "Deep introspection" https://soundcloud.com...

It took me a while, but I finally found adjustments and there are no more horns in the track :)

Thank you Brandy.

https://soundcloud.com/user-930436467/a ... luestar-02
Hi, I just posted the 2nd track of my EP "Winter", called "Deep Introspection". https://soundcloud.com/user-930436467/axl-sang-deep-introspection This track invites you to make a trip deep inside yourself. Are we really the ones we think you are ? I hope you'll enjoy what you'll find in the track… a...