I'm back to oriental house music, I hope you'll enjoy !

Hi !
Here is a new track called "Prohibited love".
Don't you feel something prohibited in the melodies ?
And, does it remind you eighties ?
Please tell me !


Warm thanks to you Brandy :)
Hello !

I tried to make a track in a different style, something about elves…
If you listen, can ou tell me if you feel in an Elven kingdom ?

https://soundcloud.com/user-930436467/t ... en-kingdom

Have a nice week end !
Hello Keadilan,

Honestly I never understood what midi is. In my head it is a language that allows communication between real synths and softwares but I'm not sure…

I only use plugins and it is an equalization work (for me) to make each sound clear.


On this track I used sounds and created melodies to evocate industry.
In one way, it's the following of the previous track "Grandpa's gun factory" :)
I hope you'll enjoy it and listen eating eggs and bacon.

Thank you Incorruptable,

I'll continue giving the best of myself to remind you corruption time.
You HAVE THE name, it's like I made that album especially for you :)))

This is a great track, well done my friend !

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Hello Brandy, I visited the factory before making that track and it was wicked, wicked , wicked !! And I won't tell you now about the Grandpa... quote=brandystarbrite post_id=62909 time=1561096288 user_id=668] Hello, I just posted a new track, the first of a serie to achieve my "Bluestar" album. I p...