Hello friends, I hope you're fine ! Here is a link to a track that I called "Loops from our world", in fact that's more short tracks combined into one than loops, I'm trying a way to give more concentration of melodies https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bmFQTLFYZdE I hope you'll enjoy it ! Happy week-e...
Thank you so much my friend, you can't imagine how I'm happy as I read that :)
Sure I'll continue giving all that I can :)
Thank you Brandy !

I found some sounds evocating the casino, and tryed to recreate this place :)

Have a nice day and stay safe !
Hello friends, Those days I wanted to get back in elven world and try to create a new elven-minded track, which continues those I made 1 year before. This new one is called "A fortress to defend", now I'm focusing on intro and the beginning on the track more than before to improve. https://www.youtu...
Hello friends,

I made a track about hope and despair and I tried to insert a moonwalk section in it :))

Have a nice week-end :)
Kisses from Axl.
Thank you my friend Gps !

Have a nice week-end.
Thank you my hexagonal friend, that's really nice to read that !

And I'm happy you enjoyed this last scene of Bluestar album.

Thank you Brandy for your support ! Next time I'll achieve an album I will try to create a full visual environment, I recently understood pictures are very important in music ;) Maybe I'll try to make you feel on a paradise island, we'll see... Have a nice week end and take care too ! Things became ...
Hello friends,

What about a stop at the Casino this week-end ?
I tried to create a trance-like music with cash machines sounds and a roulette wheel experience.


I hope you'll have some nice time and I wish you a nice sunny week-end !
Hello Brandy,

Thank you I'm really happy to read that,
You can see I'm learning artwork you're right, it's tough and I just understood what 16/9 is...

Have a nice sunday !