Hi Brandy,

I'm very happy that you enjoyed that track !

About your last comment, I said it's about the tunnels, not about the toilets ;)
(secret : I keep the toilets for a next track ;))

Hello, Here is a link to the track I just achieved, called "Maze Under Life". https://soundcloud.com/user-930436467/axl-sang-maze-under-life It's about the long tunnels that lead to the underground toilets… Maybe I'm totally fool, but sometimes in those sinister places I find out the atmosphere is f...

I'm very happy that you enjoyed.
I will post a new track soon, it will be a bit darker, and very mazy ;)

Hi everybody,

André, I listened to your last album, I fount it very nice, relaxing and well well mastered ;) what kind of Tools do you use ? great reverbs ?

Everything is well done, but I especially liked tracks "Lisbon" and "Lethal combo".

Listen you soon again !
Hi, I made that new track in an unusual style for me, more eletro. I need your help to know if you enjoy that style and how I could improve the track. Here is the link... https://soundcloud.com/user-930436467/happy-sadness And, I wish a very happy new year 2019 to all the LMMS great community ! LOTS...
Hello Brandy,

I tried to solve the Honky Horn problem but I Don't succeed yet, whithout losing too much DB.
It's the first time I have this problem, I will search about sync.. rules and let you know when I find.
About other tracks, I think you finded my huge post ;)
Hi André, Thank you for all your attention and this feedbak, with both general feelings and details. I prefer tracks 2 and 6, and I was asking myself if they were the better ones or if it was just my own preference… now I begin to get an answer. In track 6, I did not use any kind of glue but I put m...
Hi, I made that album called “Bluestar”, if you have a bit time to listen and tell me if you like it… It is a kind of “musical polar” album, which tells an imaginary story from the beginning to the end and where each track is a chapter. The story evocates a regression in the past of the hero, who is...
Hi Brandy,

I am very touched by your comment and happy that the music you like.
I will correct the problem of reasoning that you,mentionned and repost the file.
Concerning other tracks, I made a 6-tracks album called "Bluestar" and I'm gonna make a special post with all the links.

Many thanks
Very Strange, very original and interesting !
It will be very interesting to discover your next track so now I follow you on soundcloud.