Sounds good to me - 10/10!!!

The links don't seem to work

Hi, Sounds like you are making a good start on what has the makings of a great piece. I think that maybe the flute sounds a bit tinny on the higher notes at the start and perhaps given the limits of the instruments we have it is best to keep within the "sweet zone" for each of the instruments. Good ...
Dear xlucas

Thank you for your kind comments.

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Dear brandystarbrite

Thank you for taking the time to listen to my musical offering and then offering supportive comments.

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With hindsight and the passage of time, most of my earlier tracks now sound pretty naff.

I think this one is a little bit better:

Regards to all

Thanks for introducing me to the "Future Sound of London", I'd never heard of them before but will certainly be listening to more of their stuff.

Good luck with BOL6
I like your idea of energy points ie places where the track invigorates you (not just by means of volume and complexity) but also by, for example, silence.

My latest track has, I think, quite a few energy points:

I think it's pretty good and tight - it managed to hold my attention for almost 10 minutes.

A very strong beat.