Thanks for introducing me to the "Future Sound of London", I'd never heard of them before but will certainly be listening to more of their stuff.

Good luck with BOL6
I like your idea of energy points ie places where the track invigorates you (not just by means of volume and complexity) but also by, for example, silence.

My latest track has, I think, quite a few energy points:


I think it's pretty good and tight - it managed to hold my attention for almost 10 minutes.

A very strong beat.
Hi Moosikmaker,

The track sounds pretty good to me although the underlying rhythm is a bit complex between 17 and 28 seconds.

Yes the length does shorten as the note gets higher - so all we can do is improvise.

Thanks and best regards
Here is a 30 sec section from something I made earlier where I used the violin preset (made as above) - the violin comes in after about 15 seconds:


Hi again, Ok sorry about that, I'm not sure what Grace is but I downloaded a violin sound in MP3 from the Philharmonia website - which wouldn't load directly into the Audio File Processor, so I put it through Audacity and saved it as a .wav file and it then loaded into AFP OK. Here is the note I cho...