Hey yall, released a new track made completly by lmms and samples!

Thanks for the feedback! The URL is the same, because all I did is change the .mp3 on soundcloud. I'll see how it sounds slowed up/at a lower tempo.
Thanks for the feedback! I'll try that and see how it sounds.
I made a beat in lmms, record some guitar and came out with this: https://soundcloud.com/user-827371317/u-n-t-i-t-l-e-d

Lmms is a great free DAW, but one problem I find is it doesnt support launchpads!! It works as a midi but you cant as-sine individual buttons to different drums, ect.. To me this is really annoying because I purchased a $150 launchpad just to know it doesn't work with the DAW I use most. I highly su...
Just tryed it out and vsts instruments just will not load, it will take a while to respond but once that's done nothing happens

This time I'm on my desktop that has ubuntu and its the same problem with the effects too
Yes the appimage is from the lmms download site.

I disabled VST syncing (ect).. and restarted lmms , it didn't work.
When I load a .dll effect it takes about a minute to load and then, when it does load it doesn't have a controls button

( Image ) <-- Right click, press View Image

I'm running Linux Mint. LMMS 1.2.0