dkppk wrote:
Sat Feb 27, 2021 1:02 pm
thanks for sharing!
i've really enjoyed it and I am listening to some other of your stuff.
loved specially "at the hotel in brazil", good work!
thank you for the feedback :)
The song has a Kraftwerk feeling, a thing that is good for me , but I would like the drums softer and the bass needs some work maybe a different instrument . hmm maybe drums and bass with better quality would give the song some classy aesthetics ! Also another option is higher pitch for the drums a...
how to improve the quality of my sound? instruments in general?
I have a problem with the sound quality, I have a realtek high definition sound card on board, I don't know if it affects the quality of my sound but I feel it is of low quality, what do you recommend? or what can i do in the LMMS settings? Thanks