You simply patchwork several aut-patterns in sequence
multiplying effort x 10, yes.

however an issue in github would be appreciated as i dont have/want/need a github account (Micro$oft)
a picture is worth a thousand words, but 3 pictures... OH MY GIMP! the shortcuts used to select notes in the piano roll could be ...
i tried chromium and it doesn't work, i think my country is unsupported, about the gui, the ladspa version doesn't have gui, that's the reason to not show up in lmms, we need to wait until lmms adds support for lv2.

also, is it possible to use ladspa instruments (not effects) in lmms?
Is calf-studio-gear webpage's down? i realized a week ago i cannot enter there, i tough it was temporal but it seems its not, what's happening?

this is the link:

i use Firefox, maybe its my problem?
i surrender, who needs external plugins anyway
no one interested
be careful when you license them
xd, i installed, removed, reinstalled, removed, REinstalled carla-git , and surprise! it doesn't show up, could you show me a screenshot of the working carla-rack/carla-patchbay inside lmms, and your lmms configuration? pls