The LMMs project in jail got a prize ... hemIjP7LbY
I updated the SoundCloud link
I will add new songs this evening

The new soundcloud lmms link for jail’s original project is

Thank you for following :)
Electronic music production training for CHILDREN and NOT MUSICIANS
You will use FREE LMMS.
You will work remotely by Skype with screen sharing.
Some example of original music from my last class

For info
[...] In any case, please, give them my congratulations, I find this project and the result very exciting. Do you plan to publish this project on a site such as Bandcamp? This could give them at least a little butter for the spinach :lol: I will give them your congratulations, and thank you. Only F... Wow, I'm pleasantly surprised, I like it a lot, I'm listening, and until now, I think it's a beautiful escape. I see there were 12 inmates for 10 tracks. Is this the first time they make music? How did you all organize to produce these tracks? Each of t...
HERE WE ARE.... finally the link for the Jail project... Thanks to all the listeners... BEAT DENTRO Biella Prison A door closes behind me, and opens up to the other world. Few meters on foot and a second check to the metal detector. Past a heavy blue met...
I'm waiting the authorization from jail.
It will takes 2 weekd more.

The track are already online, but in a private link for the moment :)
Our Beatles Remix -
Hope you like it
Thank you all :)

I'm finishing just the mastering in these days, and then I will for sure link you the 11 songs at your attention.

Some are "basic", but some other I have to say are absolutely professional !!!

I hope you will enjoy :)
Hi, I’m Marco. I’m a trainer certified in Logic Pro, using Ableton, and so on... For an Italian prison project, I’ve been involved in electronic music tutoring with different students at the moment in jail. We finished around ten songs in June, different style, house, deep, trap, hip hop. I was usin...