Brandy mate, I would love to follow your tuts but my version of LMMS doesn't have VeSTige, am I missing something? is there another way to load VST's?
Hi Guys,
So I'm trying to get Synth1 working, but I don't have Vestige on my version of LMMS, so I search on the forum "How to install Vestige" or "problems with VEstige" and all I get it "Sorry your message contains words that are too common and produced too many results"

I don't even have VeSTige so I can't play with these synths :(
How do I get VeStige
Problem solved guys n gals!! You know how they say you get what you pay for? Well I bought a cheap midi cable on Amazon and that had half the components missing, a common problem with cheap cables. I got a real midi cable from PMT in Northampton and it works a treat. Cost about £19 but worth it, now...
Yes, I read that section before I posted. My version of mint is old so I'll do an upgrade and try again. Cheers for the help.
Hi Guys, PLEASE HELP... I'm so close to connecting my Evolution MK-149 but it won't quite work. Ver 1.1.3 on Mint 18.1. ON the edit>settings>Midi the keybd doesn't appear. DO I need a driver from some place? if I use ALSA Sequencer it kind of sees it BUT in the setting from a triple osc for example ...
Has anyone tried to do anything with the BBC sound effects archives? They're available free and in wav format. Lot's of interesting engineering noises, people, things. Could inspire a PSB style track.
Hi, just a quick newboy question about the Bol5 , is there a playlist on SoundCloud with them all on? I've picked a few randoms and made my own list, and I must say the quality is top notch, some really good work.