So this week I made a future house song. It's mostly generic but I did work quite a lot on the mix so feedback is highly appreciated.


:) see ya next week.
So recently I took part in a beat flip. Some advice on how to better the mastering would be highly appreciated.
Please enjoy:

sidenote: Have a good day. I mean it from the bottom of my heart. :)
So I finally picked up the mic and tried to rap. Long story short I can't rap and so I heavily auto tuned and formant shifted my voice to feel robotic so that I can mask my bad singing skills. The lyrics are far from good, but I think it's a good start. without further ado:
So I decided to make a old school house track this week, not sure how much I've succeeded. Here's the link judge for yourselves and lemme know what you think: In other news me and some other lmms users have got together to make an unofficial Lmms account. Here's the link...
Hey guys, this week I tried to make a future bass track. I'm proud of this track cause all the synth patches and presets have been made by me. I can also share the presets if anyone is interested. yt: Hope you like it. Any feedback is appreciated, like seriously. :) Than...
I can barely understand the kick. The sound is fucked off. Do you have some advices ? That's because your phone does not have the same dynamic range as your headphone hence bass sounds usually don't sound good on mobile phone speakers. To make your kick more audible try boosting some mids and highs...
Araca wrote:
Mon Jul 06, 2020 7:12 am
This is really a nice remix. It is too short :)
Thanks, would you be interested in hearing the full track?
I could probably finish the track if there are enough interested people.

So this is my second ever remix, I think I'm pretty happy with the outcome, the mixing maybe needs some help but I can't put a finger on what exactly is the problem. As usual any feedback is appreciated.
So if you remember last week I stared a new channel on yt (well repurposed an existing one) and this is week 2 of what will hopefully last for eternity, anyways this week I've tried to focus on the mix and sound design, Instead of just taking care of the different elements clashing in the frequency ...
Hey guys, I've started a new project on youtube and that is to upload a drop every week, this serves two purposes: one gets me to do something productive and two its a testing ground for me to check what people are liking and what people aren't liking. youtube: Please ch...