Thanks sizemore0409! Yes, I'm very new at adding vocals to my tracks. Thanks for the encouragement. Doing very well would be nice. I feel like I have a long way to go and am not sure where to start. But it seems like I just need to keep doing it and the improvement will come naturally? Best regards,...
This is a beautifully layered composition. I really like it.
New melancholic song with lyrics. Getting used to the whole "having lyrics" thing. Enjoy ... -loves-you
Compilation barriers are high relative to other programs where you compile from source. Thence, development barriers are high, so I suspect there is a core development team (consisting entirely of volunteers) that doesn't grow very often, and maybe even shrinks over time. I tried for 3 days in a row...
Just finished a new song in LMMS - Ancestors.

Genre-wise, how would one classify this?
Oops, changed the link. I have changed it back and it should work now. Didn't realize anyone was even trying to stream it.

New song posted that is heavy on the pianos. What genre is it? Ambient? I have trouble genre-labeling my music. ... kryptonite

Ah, thanks for the info. I am indeed using 1.1.3. However, I found a workaround that's obvious in hindsight. Instead of clicking "beat/bassline 0" itself to open the editor, I double clicked one of the segments that are laid over the song editor (one of the green bars) and that worked.
Hello, I have been working on this track for awhile, and for some reason, when I click to open the beat/bassline to edit it, nothing appears. I am running on ubuntu 18 - Bionic Beaver. I have tried restarting the program as well as the computer. Neither have helped. I am able to open beat/bassline i...
Much appreciated!