Thank you so much for your feed back.
It makes me happy !!!
I'm working on a third track, so... see you soon.
I've just finished my 2 first tekno tracks with LMMS.
Let me know ;)

Best regards,
Thank you so much,
I'll try it.
I let you know.
Best regards,
Thank you for your reply.
My OS is Windows 10.
Hardware: RAM: 4GO with a Focuswrite / Scarlett 2i2
I work with LMMS 1.1.3 and the audio interface SDL.

Do you think there is a solution?
I've just bought 2 Waves pugins ( It's Black Friday !!!) C6 and DBX 160.
It doesn't work with Vestige.
Please, tell me that I can use them !!!