Great stuff, thanks.
HI, I looked at Audiofileprocessor but it opens up the piano roll. A tutorial for Audiofileprocessor would be good. 'I can only seem to loop at the very start of the track and not anywhere else. This sentence puzzles me. I cant figure out, if you say that you only have sound if you play from the ver...

If I add a complete track .wav file to a sample track. Is it possible to grab a loop from anywhere on that track?

I can only seem to loop at the very start of the track and not anywhere else.

Great, that worked...thanks.
Hi, Drastic help needed! All of a sudden the time signature and tempo of my track keep fluctuating all over the place. I set my tempo to 120 BPM and time signature to 4/4 and save the project, but as soon as I start to play it back, it goes all over the place. The tempo fluctuates and the time signa...
I have to apologise to you Musikbear!

I got it to work ;)

I was trying to select the track from within the beat area and not on the left hand side.

I'm sure the video will beneficial for others though anyway.

Hi Musikbear,

I am able to copy a track from one place to another in the song editor, but still not able to copy from project to project.

A video would be great thanks.

PS - I'm using Windows 10 Pro
I just tried to do this and nothing happens! I have opened up both the projects, I hover over the sample track in project 1 so the little hand appears, I then hold down control and select the sample track and drag it over to the second project and the little red round symbol (not allowed) with the l...

The last thing I read about this was to have two versions of LMMS running and then copy/paste between them.

I'm using version 1.2.0 and it doesn't like it.

Any suggestions?
I guess with DJ mixing software you can nudge them into sync!

I'll send you the two files, thanks.