I did this song (trying not to sound too compressed :lol: ) and adding a melodic casual vibe to it. Thoughts? Thanks! https://soundcloud.com/mikkoorbit/casual-promising-day
this is so good :ugeek:
Sounds almost like live instruments
it has a mysterious vibe that I love, very diverse
thank you so much, gonna try these tips!!
Thanks you all for the comments!! :D I would like to ask you what do you do to improve the mixing and the mastering. I'm working in some instrumentals right now and I would like to improve. I level, pan some of the tracks and use eq fx to remove very high and low frequencies. Then I add a little bit...
Hey! I just did a new instrumental. If someone wants to listen: https://soundcloud.com/mikkoorbit/sat-i ... bay-lights

Thoughts? Thanks :D
You have a really personal sound, and I like that. congrats!
Hello! I've been working on a project that I call The Dream Machine. I guess it's ambient music, but I gave it a pop approach. In case you want to listen: https://soundcloud.com/mikkoorbit/sets/ ... am-machine

Hello! I'm not an expert in production, mixing, mastering... but for me this is a solid project. The armonies and the melodies are super catchy. This city and coffee are my favourites. Congratulations 8-)
Hello, i like it! Personally, I would have added some type of beats (but maybe you did that with some purpose, I don't know)
That song is truly a Classic :D