I tried that, no sucess. In fact, none of the inbuilt VST's show up in the effect window of the FX mixer, only the ladspa effects, i tested this by copying, 'kicker' and 'organic' into the ladspa folder where i know the other effects are, not picking them up. What i have noticed which may give a clu...
NL TECHNO wrote:
Sat Apr 20, 2019 1:06 am
Why is it taking so long, does anybody know when the results will be there ?

NL Techno
Follow facebook link that was posted earlier on this page of this thread, results are out on facebook.
musikbear wrote:
Fri Apr 19, 2019 2:32 pm


So no MDA files, hmm
I thought those were default too
What VSTs instruments do you use?
I checked the install on my laptop and PC for that file. It is on neither, would that be a windows issue?

Many VST’s from VST4FREE

Sonatina cello
DSK choirZ
musikbear wrote:
Fri Apr 19, 2019 1:29 pm

No, not at all. All is indexed at every restart
When you say restart, do you mean restart of LMMS or of the entire PC?
A search of the C drive has returned no results for that file??
What other VSTs- effects do you use that DO work? ..... now... its not because the UI opens outside the view .....? Way out to the right on a wide-screen in high resolution... ? So far, anything that i have put into the folder and tried to open using the effects window in FX Channel has not worked....
Well the results are out, i see my entry fell way short of success. Congrats to winners, must be great feeling and hopefully your hard work helps LMMS further. I see two speadsheets available, the one with the final scores however only lists 55 artist entries. On the preliminary scores i ranked 128....
I checked the pathways in settings, dropped DLL files into that location and nothing. Tried Voxengo also, nothing. Perhaps it is a Windows 8.1 issue, maybe it can only see what was unpacked originally? I dont know, i am very computer literate, this should be straight forward and does not make any se...

My comment for you is if i can produce Techno to the same quality as you are with LMMS i will be very happy.
It had not made a difference before, however, i will try again now that i have reinstalled.

I took your advice on another thread to do with mastering and used built in 'Equaliser' plugin together with the FX mixing channels to master, i can noticeably hear a difference, appear more......well, Equal.