Are you in USA?

I would be heading out of city if you possibly can.

Not because i think the world is going to implode, but the scumbags that are in every city in the world will use this as an opportunity to start chaos.

The bigger the city, the worse it is.

Stay safe everyone.
Thanks Musikbear, I have been wearing gloves this past two weeks when I am in petrol filling station, grocery shops and work. I also am wearing a mask as it stops me touching my face. I treat the gloves like my own hands, sanitise them as I go so to not spread it any further if I have picked it up. ...
Great stuff.

What does everyone else do when they dont know what track to enter.

I have a track i feel is my best, but feedback i have gotten from one of my other tracks outweighs the track i like.

If i posted both, could i get some peoples opinions on which one they feel is the best?
Thanks for that,

and my thoughts go out to anyone on here in the midst of this world crisis.

Stay safe, take it seriously, dont be afraid to tell people to keep their distance politely.
Anyone that can give an opening date?

Or has the coronavirus put this on hold now to?
Hey Guys,

when does the entries for BOL 7 begin?
Thanks Musikbear, i am looking to make a four track ambient EP as it happens.
I am Not being smart, but i think you will find a lot of what you after here,
This is not my style of music, but I have to say this is really happening, so much going on in it.

I loved the sound of the Vinyl record spinning down, and loads more sounds, very heavy stuff and well put together.
Sounds good also, very well put together and flows well, i would say though you need something to break the repetitiveness of it, with maybe a vocal or another sound that is not part of a melody or drum sequence. I have to add also, that this is not my style of music so my ideas and comments may be ...