Hi there! :D I need some advice by someone that knows music production in LMMS better than me. I know what are samples and VST, but in your opinion which is better to use, or when to use one rather than the other? Have you got any advice for VSTs or Samples packs? I wanted to produce Hip Hop music ;)
Gps wrote:
Fri Feb 08, 2019 10:23 pm
Many post on this forum proofed allot of LMMS Linux users having issues vestige not working.
I also had issues with vestige when I tried the version from the Ubuntu repositories, but with the AppImage they work perfectly :D

Thank you all for the support guys :)
I've installed the AppImage and I've run some free windows VSTs, it works wonderfully! :D
I just hope that bigger VSTs won't give me problems

Thank you all guys :!:
Ok, I see. But, what's the benefit of using the appimage instead of the normal lmms? :?
Thank you for your answers guys! :D

But I didn't understand yet if I have to virtualize a win version of LMMS to use more VSTs, or just the VSTs
Good day everyone :) I'm an university IT student - and a musician too - and I was wondering If I could start producing music with LMMS and Linux as OS. Does anyone use this configuration? How is it? Are there enough plugins? Have you got any advice for a newbie? Anything could be helpful! :D Thank ...