My new track Gemini, with some of the more distorted bass sounds around 1:56. Please let me know what you think!
Put that link in your signature, that way it is easier for people to check it out!
Not sure? I can't quite remember where I got his sample collection, but it wasn't directly from him, it was from a dubstep tutorial for lmms, back when I first started using it.
You have gained a new follower my dude! The work on this is amazing, certainly better than what I could do if I tried techno. I couldn't resist leaving a like on SoundCloud! Keep up the good work, you're doing amazing!
Thanks for the quick reply and suggestion! This song was gonna be a pretty long one, I'm pretty sure I could cut down on the outro too, just do a fade-out of the pads and beat rather than drop the drums and play the pad. BTW, My favorite part of the Hyperbits vol. 2 sample pack is that vocal that's ...
Yes, I've learned that in any kind of music with a dark mood, add reverb to everything within reason. It will make the whole track sound cooler that way.
Thanks! Like I said, I'm not sure what genre it classifies as, and as I said in the track's description, this is just the instrumental. I plan on recording vocals for it and publishing it on my first album. Any ideas on where I can shorten the track so that the track can remain a decent track, but m...
The only suggestion I have is that you bring out the melody more. I can barely hear the main melody, while the chords and bass are great! You did a really good job with this, just bring out your melody a little more, and it would be great!
It's pretty good, the only thing that I have to say about it is that it might be a tad repetitive, but I'm not really one to talk, since I also have that problem. Just keep going dude, you're doing great so far!
I have put out an instrumental version of my track "Waste of Time." Yeah, not quite sure what genre to call this, as it's too fast for hip-hop, but it doesn't have the punchy chords of a future bass track. Here is the link. Please let me know...