I mean, for me, I like the drums in any EDM song to really slap, because the drums are what give the most energy and the sense of movement in a song. I would prefer it that way, but that's just me, so it's whatever you feel satisfied with. That is the most important thing with this kind of music. It...
It doesn't say .dll not found, it just loads up a blank cell with the Supercharger name in the FX box. On previous projects it says that it couldn't load the Supercharger effect.

If it winds up that I can't use it, that's fine, I'll just need to find a way around it.
I have a lot of projects that, looking back upon them now, make me wonder why I thought they were so good. I listen to some of your stuff, and it is honestly ten time better than some of my own stuff. As artists, we always tend to be a little overcritical of our own work. Sometimes we dismiss the th...
While I am not familiar with Hellstep, are the drums supposed to sound so far away? The drums don't quite hit the way I'm used to. Well, they hit, but they sound a mile away. Is that part of the genre, or are the drums supposed to cut through the mix?
Turn off Channel 4 on both sides. That should remove the static you're hearing. If you're still hearing static, then I don't know what's going on.
I am having a slight problem with the update. It’s not too big an issue if I can find a way around it, but it’s been bugging me ever since I got the update. On all my projects where I use the Native Instruments plugin Supercharger, it won’t load the VST. Any help would be appreciated, thanks! :D
I got the update and have had some troubles with it crashing, but I just got it, so it might resolve itself in time. I’m confident that it will work, so it shouldn’t be too much of an issue.
Just got the update! Now that I have it, I'll have to get used to seeing everything in this new format. It'll take me a bit, but I'll get there eventually. Thanks to all the developers who worked on this!
Thanks for the advice! I currently have been spending several hours a day on it, so it’s been kind of a problem that I’ve started noticing. Again, thanks for the advice! :D
I’ve been having problems with just living life in general, and producing music. How do I live a life without spending all my time on music? This is more a question of just scheduling it and being able to retain ideas over a prolonged period of time.

Thanks for the advice!