Hey, we've already resolved this over email so I think that I don't need to re-explain. However in case someone else stumbles upon this, the VSTs are not supposed to appear in the instruments column, they are to be loaded using Vestige. I'm going to explain this in detail in a future episode, but ju...

Here's the song: https://youtu.be/f2QgClD46S0

I would love to know your thoughts on it.

This is probably useless to most of you here, but if you know a few buddies who want to get into production, you can send this to them. This is in a sort of short, maybe comedic style, trying to deliver bite-sized chunks of information quickly while keeping it relatively fun. I'm presently releasing...
Seems like something I could do. I can't edit the song anymore since it's released, but I'll keep this in mind for later songs. Thanks!
Hey! The tutorial on the four different ways to sidechain is right here: https://youtu.be/CHwejNi93kk I went for a sort of short and comic style in this one, so I didn't go in depth for each method unfortunately, but I think if you play around yourself you will learn what each knob does pretty easil...
Hey! Here's the song: https://youtu.be/8aRAimv5Uak It took me a while to make, though after releasing some people have pointed out that the buildup isn't as good as I thought. Other than that, what do you think of the song? It would also be great if you could support me by subscribing, you know how ...

I have a quick and easy tutorial on how to make melodic dubstep up on my channel. Techniques are simple and pretty easy to follow for beginners. Here's the link: https://youtu.be/oC4ZZNjIkIQ

Check it out, and be sure to subscribe so you don't miss any future tutorials I may post.

Hey guys,

I've released a new song a week back, check it out and let me know what you think about it:


Thanks for your feedback!
Hey everybody, I've made yet another song and posted it up on my YouTube channel here: https://youtu.be/BFbx8dlnz8I I'd like to know what you all think about it. Is it good? Have I missed anything? Is there anywhere I can improve? You are producers too, and you know how helpful it is to get opinions...