Hi Buddy,,, sorry if I didn't explain properly but there is some presets , but only 10 never the less its not a bad vst and easy to work.
All the very best
Thanks for replying again buddy,,, I did what you suggested and clicked on FX and effects chain and found it there.
It altered the sound ok but there isn't many presets for is there?.
Thanks again look forward to the next time.
Hi all,,, I have installed the Tal reverb vst dll into Lmms and I can load it in and see it , but how do I get it to alter one of my instruments please.
Thanks buddy, its just looks easier to click the right notes instead of having to scroll across the page when I have a long section to write.
Thanks again always a pleasure to hear from you.
Hi Buddy, well I have been looking on the youtube tutorials for a few days to see which one I saw it on and at last found it and apparently its Lmms ver 1.13 so I guess they have done away with it now.
This is what I watched.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=arHZqG_ ... e=youtu.be
Hi musicbear,,,,,it is where you have put your notes that am am talking about, I was wanting to see for instance in the columns C#/Db , D , D#/Eb , E , F, F#/Ab, and so on but I cannot make them show.

Thankyou for your reply
Hi all, I cannot see the names of the notes in the working area of the piano roll, I can on the piano I went into settings and enabled note lables but they are not there in the working area. Have I missed something and can you help please.I am using lmms ver 1.20rc8. windows.
Thanks buddy, ok now.
I have put some sf2 samples in the soundfonts folder but when I goto my samples in the side bar and click on soundfonts nothing happens. I have been in settings and checked that I have put them in the correct folder I cannot understand. can you help please?
Its okay thanks I have worked it out now.