Ok got it. I didnt know there was a 1st round vote.

May the judges be kind enough and have time to tell what was wrong? It will help to improve my skills ;)

I cant find my entry in the final list, was Sahaathyva Flying dub

Did I miss something?

Thank you ;)
Hello @Gps and @ Musikbear, Altough not made with lmms but ardour, as you 2 seem to like Jarre's work, I would like to share with you my last EP, made during lockdown and Jarre inspired. https://soundcloud.com/user-301824472/sets/lockdown-sessions-ep So this is my try @ Jarre like music, hope you wi...
Well I dif in the past with prests too... just tru to move the entire folder with the subfolders

Did you try to copy their dll from the wine virtual drive to the lmms vst directory?

That is what i did in the past.
Musikbear gave you the teick create the file as root and put the line in.
For sure the arp2600 was not made for him, i used it as vst with fruity loops back in time, was fun and that is why i would want to try a real 1. Note this synth has just been remade last year maube by korg, dunno anymore.. The korg ms20 is a fun semi modular synth i used some monthes ago by a frien...
For sure you can, that is what i do :) I find the stone has a less numerical sound, more discretee but efficient. About Jarres synth i m not sure as some synth/sequencer were made for him. A synth he uses and i would like to try for real is the arp 2600 , and the fairlight must be hard to use . And ...
For your informatuon @gus : i ve just read Jarre's book and the phaser he used on early albums oxygene and equinoxe was a small stone, and guess the best in there? The stone phaser i adviced you is an emulation of the small stone ,fun fact :D
Appimage is the way to go for all linux disteos. I dont know about audacitys one but the lmms appimage is fine for lmms. Musikbear you must have some trouble with your setup as usb auto mount works like a charm since over a decade now on main distros, it acts normally the same way as macos or windows.