Hahahahah :D :D :D What a joke.....
man i switched from LMMS to Steinberg Cubase last week
You cannot make good music with LMMS,

it just sucks and always hanging pfff hihihi :D :D :D
Why is it taking so long, does anybody know when the results will be there ?

NL Techno
LMMS is amazing, just starting to get tp know al the functions and still al lot to learn, great programm and great developers I am going to upload only tracks made with LMMS and free VST instruments : https://soundcloud.com/nl-techno Am looking for a singer who wants to cooperate in a few tracks, ma...
Hi Guys,

Can anybody tell me how i can record a 10 minute play on a 303 VST and use it in a lmms music project.
Have to play it and record for 10 minutes