So, after many trials and tribulations I finally came up with a decent-enough-for-me EP of ambient-ish songs. Here it is for those of want to give it a listen:
Hi, this was inspired by a day of heavy rain. Let me know what you think!
Dude, you really have an unusual style of music. :D In the tune reevaluate-now , the vocals should be a bit louder, because the other sounds, drown out the lyrics in the song. But overall, this tune sounds sick dude. It's quite an unusual sounding track, with a deep, semi dark, ambient atmosphere. ...
Hi everyone,
made this track today because I needed to do something new to unplug my mind:

I tried something more upbeat, let me know what you think!

Last night I created this EP of ambient/drone music, hope you like it! ... imitations
Hi, here are two more tunes I made, mostly on the same day:
Sahaathyva wrote:
Mon Aug 12, 2019 9:52 pm
Very nice!

I love the sound you got from lmms.
Only built in synth and fx?

A bientôt!

Some VSTs and a couple of presets.
Hi, I just finished this, let me know what you feel!