Thanks. Is there any intention to fix this?
It is a major drawback. The bundled zynaddsubfx is the old interface which also gives very limited scope for automation.
Is there any way to run the zynfusion interface under LMMS which will allow access the the 16 automation parameters.
I'm running LMMS 1.2.1 on linux with Carla and zynaddsubfx ( zyn Fusion) running inside Carla rack. I can automate the zynadsubfx internal patrameters (16 off) from the carla / zynaddsubfx parameters tab. I can't figure out how to make LMMS automate the parameters. There is nothing that I can contro...
Currently in order to enable or disable the recording of an automation track requires you to use the menu options. This is tedious when you have a lot of tracks to enable/disable. It would be good if a button could be included for automation tracks - similar to the mute and solo buttons so that auto...
The Ability to assign new FX channel to a sample track would allow better use of the FX mixer. Currently when mixing sample tracks in with synth tracks, the sample tracks have to be adjusted using the vol control in the song editor. I think this would be a small software change but a significant imp...
This proves that lmms/software synths can be used for any kind of music.
Totally different sound to anything else I've heard. 50's danceband?
Like it anyway!
I'm totally confused bt genres. I think it is techno with a house beat!
Good beat anyhow!
Great sound. I love the use of stereo echo. I've been thinking of using ardour to mix my lmms tracks and add in some external synth inputs which lmms doesn't seem to support. I guess you exported the individual lmms tracks to sound files and then loaded them into ardour? Do you prefer ardour for mix...
Please listen to my new track at


This is a house style track with a strong beat and few instruments. Totally LMMS/Zynaddsubfx
Your plays and likes are very helpful!