musikbear wrote:
Fri Aug 28, 2020 2:30 pm
benbou92 wrote:
Fri Aug 28, 2020 5:18 am
"Calf Multiband Compressor LADSPA" & "Calf Multiband Gate LADSPA", both have the same bug. ;)
Oh.. that is actually of importance -i will update
Oh! Same thing with "Calf Multiband Limiter LADSPA". I didn't know that the bug concerns the three. LOL!!!
musikbear wrote:
Thu Aug 20, 2020 2:01 pm
Thank you for your bug report. It has #5650 in the bug reporting system.

I've noticed that you have reported the bug of "Calf Multiband Compressor LADSPA" instead of "Calf Multiband Gate LADSPA", but it doesn't matter, because both have the same bug. ;)


i cant recreate in 1.2.2. All splits are 20000 and as you can see on the wave-display lmms plays Hummmmm!!! Did you understand what I meant? I didn't say turn button, then play a note, but while playing a note, turn button until > 18000. I made a video for your compr...

To reproduce:
1. Put any instrument in song editor.
2. Put "Calf Multiband Gate LADSPA" sound effect.
3. While playing any note, turn Split 1/2, Split 2/3, or Split 3/4 button above 18000.

Result: sound crashes until you delete effect.

Best regards,

Squid Boi wrote:
Thu Aug 06, 2020 6:33 pm
Didn't know LMMS supported SVGs!
Euh! I wanted to say you can work you icons with SVG, but I don't know if LMMS can support SVG, or if it's possible to change something for make SVG compatible.

whut 8| 8? Your own settings in the presets reverts to INIT-state ?!? That is too strange to be related to oversampling. It is not. Instead i think you have a VST that cant pass the 5-point-test Hummmm! Ok! In my case, t...
I'm working on an LMMS theme, and was curious if I can make higher resolution icons and textures? I was trying to make the top bar buttons larger (e.g the "New Project" button) but making the image larger then 20x20 didn't make it any larger. I tried editing several values in the "style.css" to mak...
Hi, The problem is this: 1st: I use ToneZ VSTi, and use my own preset. Then, I write notes in song editor. 2nd: I export track in .wav file (44100 Hz, 16 bits, medium interpolation, no loop, oversampling >1. Result: Preset becomes default while export. I attach a file to give you an idea: https://1d...
musikbear wrote:
Wed Jul 29, 2020 3:09 pm
Hehe.. Nahh that is done thing :) LMMS is an acronym. One way to reas it is "El-eM-MentS Elements, because it is modular and consists of Elements.
The "old name" has now gone voldemort" -Eg Should no longer be spoken :D
As "Fruity Loops" became "FL Studio". ;)

This is my new theme:
Also, SVG files are available. Is it possible to implement SVG files for high DPI?

Thank you.