brandystarbrite wrote:Hi Elaizz.
Haven't seen you around here in a while. 8-)
Uhm, didn't he/she join like... yesterday?? :P
caLRo wrote: Note the expiration date of September 2015 for MP3 and related patents.
Indeed, but the US have stricter patenting, though :(
I think KX Studio repo has the newest LMMS for Ubuntu ;)
Maybe these sites will help you. Fairly easy to start, the hard part is keep going
Well, if you actually want surround sound we need more than a simple plugin, then LMMS need to export a different file format? I would want a plugin that fakes surround, so you could graphically see where you want the instrument to be in a 360 degree circle around your head with headphones.
Windows aren't made for performing live audio as some linux kernels, but if FL studio and other DAWs manages to decrease the audio on the OS then it is possible.
Uuuh, fun! I got it, there is only one instrument with three l's, I just don't want to ruin the fun for the others :D
A hard challange, I can't come up with anything :p
not using windows add/remove-programs, but the correct uninstall-feature named Uninstall.exe , that is in the installation library. I trust that more than windows add/remove-programs. You have never wondered why performing these two different uninstall options opens the exact same uninstall window?
Well, unless FL Studio invented their own sampleformat (which LMMS can't use anywa) what is the point of using that path? You can just copy/paste the samles?? I know LMMS can import flp files (fruity loop projects), maybe that is why.