Thanks guy!
Finally managed to finish this one up. :) It will probably be the last one I make in LMMS as I want explore some of the more feature rich platforms. Anyway, LMMS was a great tool in helping me learn to make music like this over the past 2 years, so I am super grateful for it and the community that s...
ALVDCN04 wrote:
Wed Mar 11, 2020 8:37 pm

Wouah !
Your sound is wonderful man !
Is that done with LMMS ?? That's amazing !
It sounds really natural. Are those just organic sounds ? Anyway, beautiful. I love it. Keep going.

PEACE ! (:
sweats reggae
Thanks! I made it with LMMS, but most of the samples are from Spitfire Labs.
I am super excited about this one as it is my most thorough exploration of the concept of leitmotif. Enjoy :) ... -chieftess
Thanks :)
I decided to try my hand and my first cover, and where better to start than one of the first games that really inspired me to learn to produce music; Ocarina of Time. I wanted to orchestrate a sequence from the game as though it were to play out in a movie. In this case I chose the part where Link o...
Thanks guys! Maybe putting a low volume bass pad sound in the background, or some semi long bass notes, might help make this track sound a bit fuller and complete. Interesting about the bass pad, because I have a double bass playing pretty consistently throughout the song. Although they aren't long ...
I finally managed to get another new piece together. I've been remastering older songs for a while because I got stuck... But I'm super excited because I feel this is my best work to date! ... the-chosen
This is actually a remaster of an older track of mine. It is a bit simpler than my more recent stuff, but I find it rather fun. That's why I remastered it. :) ... it-awakens
Thanks for the feedback! It's actually pretty consistent with what I have received elsewhere. Funny thing is I made this song as an exercise in simplifying my work, ha ha. Normally my tracks do change up quite a bit but I wanted to teach myself that it is ok to sometimes take a simpler approach. Thi...