Great work man wishing you well
Thank you, guys. I'll just improve more on mixing and effects
I want to start producing but I don't have money to spend on a daw. I have lmms and was wondering if this is the best free daw or if there's another one that's much better. Hey Meltikeb9 LMMS is good. It might not be simple to do some stuff but going through tutorials and making use of this forum w...
Sidrella88 wrote:
Thu Oct 01, 2020 10:40 pm
+1 like for me on YT ! :D

Pretty much better quality on soundclound.
Maybe make another short version you know ? More punchy (:

I don't know your level, but it sound like a good beginning. I like it.
Keep going man !
Awe:) Noted, thanks
FilthyWizard wrote:
Wed Sep 30, 2020 9:59 pm
Tatenda's a bit different. It almost sounds like an experimental Prince track or something.
Yeah, it's more of the recent Amapiano House genre found here in South Africa.

Soundcloud: ... ve-of-lmms

LMMS: This is for you. You may comment so that it can be refined.
Thanks! Noted. I'll practice more on variations and effects I haven't given myself time.