Just some thoughts I like to add. My previous reply to musikbear could have been better. The only tiny bit of all he says, about the mouth-mask, is were I heard something different. The part about the skin and all, is something he knows allot more off then me :) Also like to add, that it makes tota...
I normally do almost everything in lmms. But sometimes I would export the track, and import it into audacity and use its plugins, to make the track sound better.
Definitely Delay Lama vst. That thing is unusually cool.
ZANGIEF: Quick! Change ze channel!! :mrgreen:
Yep. Do as musikbear says. That fix always works.
Good info Stakeout Punch.
Oy! I can't wait for Christmas 2021. 8-)
Did you get through?
Captain plugins? Wow! First time I'm hearing about those.