Cool! This is some amazing work. :D
This tune and that cover art pic, are both on fire! 8-)
Yep. The link works for me.

Good tune.
But I say, to raise up the volume of the vocals, a bit more. ;)
That intro sounds really nice. And that is some good singing.
Wow! That is a really cool melody from the start. O.O And I like the arp melodies, heard from 1:22 secs and throughout the entire track. From 3:31 onward, I think the snare drum should have a reverb effect on it. But you could ignore that advice if you want. ;) Note: I could be wrong, but I think th...
Still having export issues. ( setting buffer size to 512 seems to help a bit though. I wonder if buying something like this could help ? The one I am using is rather old, and if has no surge protection.
Tempo keeps changing back to 75 every time I start playing in the song editor. I've tried restarting LMMS, not that did not work. And it appers to be affecting one audio file of mine. Any solutions? Welcome to the lmms forums Mass . I hope I understand your question. So here's what to do: Right cli...
musufisten wrote:
Mon Nov 12, 2018 7:53 pm
yes please
Hello. Welcome to the lmms forums musufisten.

Your topic has been moved to Production Help. ;)
Listen to many songs in the genre you like, but don't listen to too many of them. Why? Because when to start to like those tunes that you listen too, a bit too much you'll start to wish that you could make, similar music, beats and melodies heard in those songs. And when you try to make, similar bea...
This was a preliminary project to test out how I could try a "1 song a day" challenge. The challenge is to create new song once a day (without a time limit in itself). So I blindly started this project, made quick decisions, and came up with this beat in 3.5 hours.
claudiocaldas wrote:
Thu Nov 08, 2018 7:31 pm
Hi, all!
Check out my composition made in 2001.
Nice to see you back, with another tune.

Awww. The track seems to have been removed. :P