Cartoony rising build up 8 bit style sound This week, we make a rising build up 8 bit cartoony sound . And again, we're using the Nescaline plugin. :) It's Nescaline time! 8-) 1) Open Nescaline , by dragging it into Lmms. :) -------------------------------------------...
Okay, I hear what the other guys are talking about.

Tip: Here's what to do. Raise up the volume, of the hihat and snare a tiny bit.
Nice. Keep it going.
Okay: The part from 1:41 secs upward, sounds a bit muffled.
Dude! I'm digging this track!
Especially that bass and that beat! 8-)

Lower down the volume, of the hand drum a tiny bit, about,.....5% or 8%.
Your choice. ;)
Okay, I found a few things that could be improved.

Raise up the volume of the bass a bit.

And add some reverb, or some other effect to the clap, or is it a snare sound?
It's the sound, that plays throughout the track, and sounds like you're hitting something hard.
Another track in the spirit of the trance from the 90s. Made a couple of years ago while I was learning LMMS and music composition. Enjoy: As a note, this track was made before "Set sail for Beta Orionis" and is the first part of the story...
i asked about bloom in the discord and the dude said i need to work on sound design cuz it sounds cheap. now im relistening to this over and over cause im scared to ask for details Bloom ? Okay, I'll listen to it again and see if I hear, anything wrong with it. :geek: PS: Nah! No fears. Feel free t...
This is a lovely combination, of instruments and vocals.
Absolutely amazing work dude.

I find it amazing, that you recorded the guitar on your phone, and the quality of it is very crystal clear.
Good work on that.
SICK!! :D 8-)
This is a nice one. Sick music.

The tune, sounds a bit muffled somehow.
And I hear a few crackles, when the (kick bass?) plays.