The first thing I noticed, is that this music track, has a cool sound to it. The thing I picked up on, that I think needs improving, is that: The air rush fade out sound, heard from 0:56 to 1:00 secs , should have lasted a bit longer, before fading out. Overall, I don't know much about this genre of...
Jbarn wrote:
Tue Feb 20, 2018 1:20 am
Check out this new track I've been working on.
One chorus repeated 4 times.
Just a preview, let me know what you think.
I don't know much about this style of music.
But from what I've heard so far, it sounds really nice.
I wish the kick was a slight bit heavier though. But then again, everyone has their own tastes. :)
Does anybody else have that problem where when you're working really hard (read: obsessively) on any given track, everything just starts to sound... I don't know... wrong? Like, even the stuff you really liked before............ I think nearly everyone, has gone through that stage at some point. In...
Something about this track, gives me that futuristic sounding vibe.
Lovely work with the synths and instruments.

And don't worry about the songs ending, it sounds nice. :)
For an old beat, it's soundin' dope.

Tip: I think the volume on the vocals, should be a tiny, tiny bit louder.
Unique musical style ya got there. Especially when the flute plays.

Okay: The new version, needs a slight volume reduction.
hi again. I have worked on a song. I recorded, sung it, played the ukulele and wrote the song. I'm sorry for the horrible mic. I am trying to fix that. Here's the link I just listened to it. It sounds really neat. And it's kinda touching too. :cry: You...
Nice. :D
I was looking for some new Timpani sounds.
I'll check out those links in a while. :)
I am EXTREMELY new to lmms. I have tried out other musical applications for creating music but, they all proved very difficult and time consuming. Lmms seems to at least be do-able though. ANYWAY, I was wondering if there were any good voice synthesizers out there. I am a big Dave Grohl fan and lov...