Wooah! This track sounds amazingly cool! :D
https://soundcloud.com/akashyap/the-mysterious-woods?in=akashyap/sets/melodic-uplifting-progressive Still volume levelling needs to be done I think .. Also still maybe a bit more to learn but I think I can make trance now . What do you think ? This sounds really good AKashyap . All of your trance t...
weatherman06 wrote:
Sun Sep 23, 2018 1:14 pm
Do you think I should post a link to the youtube video here also when the video is uploaded? :/ :?
Go right ahead. That's what everyone does here.
Amazingly cool tune dude. 8-)
This would sound good, for a relaxing, tropical beach house music, type tune. 8-)
I agree with bear. There is a possibility, that this one, might be a real legit user.
On top of that, he has two warnings already.

Hopefully he responds soon.
I have encountered that bug, a few times in 1.1.3.
But unfortunately, I can't remember how to solve it. :P
Welcome to the lmms forums UMBR3ON.
Hello evryone,How to tune the instruments? Is there a plugin that can help me do this? If you're using Synth 1 , you can use the detune dial. http://i.imgur.com/gUqG1Wv.png Note: Don't turn it up the detune , too much though. Otherwise your sounds will sound horrible. :P However, for bass sounds an...
this seems like the best place to post this :D No instructions, just the preset :D download here ----> https://mega.nz/#!tJ8EyCgR!VjKyw19L9F_7u1tmEpSQgNjYIDYmfjw2cqbeXgWSofY Ahhh! Since you posted it in the tutorials , a short, written step by step explanation of how you made that sound, would be r...