Even I was shocked by that news too.
I wasn't expecting to see, sad news like that, appear on Youtube yesterday.

Thanks for the good music dude.
This is my fav tune from him: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vlZx1flz0Sk

PS: Always take care of your health everyone.
Haha :D Thank you so much ! Glad it made you feel good ! Full track https://soundcloud.com/timberbeats/dance Oh yeah! This is Tropically cool! 8-) From 3:03 onward, is my fav part of the track. 8-) I like how that hihat sounds, when the reverb or echo effect comes in. Note: Some people might find t...
https://soundcloud.com/spugintrntl/the-home-we-left-behind It's good to see, that you're enjoying the automation ability. I love the cool start up of this tune. Literally. And the entire tune itself, gives off a cool vibe, that's too difficult to put in words. 8-) Okay. One thing that I did notice:...
This sounds decent. And I like the mellow, slow moving along rhythm in this. :)
And the space pic, is cool like a space cauliflower. 8-)

It's good to hear, another new track from you again.
Welcome back.
Just a sneak track from my upcoming project, KnoMemory, coming out summer 2018. Let me know what you think! https://soundcloud.com/user-904165567/22torial I am not a rap fan, but this sounds good so far. Tip: If you want, you could put Lmms' calf reverb effect, on the vocals. Play around with the d...
-------------------- Dance with the Fireflies II VIP https://soundcloud.com/user-496128473/dance-with-the-fireflies-ii-vip-trance-remix Cool! :D idk i have very few followers and had the most likes with no comments. im thinking it has some black magic Lol! is based on my older song made a year ago ...
I played triple oscillator default note with default settings with my speakers and it sounds like a generator. In my headphones it sounds good. Is it normal? This is what i hear Those are the sounds, of multiple sine waves , being played together. With two of the coarse detune dials, turned to diff...
AKrys wrote:
Thu Apr 19, 2018 8:05 pm
Resolved, thanks for the help ^^
musikbear thanks for the guide, i'll reag it as soon as possible.
Nice to see you got through.
Also, welcome to the forums AKrys. :)
AgentJMartian wrote:
Mon Apr 16, 2018 11:30 pm
I actually just uploaded the latest version of Going Up.
Is it the same link, in your first post above? :)
Re-read Bridge to Terabithia and thought of making this. :D https://youtu.be/a0hEbQr9TsE https://soundcloud.com/ravmonic/terabithia Wooah! Lovely tune. And I like the whole medieval style of it too. :) I must commend you, on the entire musical composition of this tune. Well done. I saw that movie t...