Yeah, after listening to it again, I see what you mean.
Here: or here: What do you think of the mix? I think the drums may be a little too loud for this track? This is nice. I like it and the vocals really go well with it too, and runs alongside the music really we...
Good stuff.

I'm curious. How long does it take you make your tracks and vids?
Or this one, the vocals are not really dominant the groove is though. :) Solitaire - I´m Thinking Of You (Extended Club Mix) I actually spent over 15 minutes , trying to find this topic and this song, that you posted on page 3 of this topic, where we had ...
I agree with you guys. This sounds really cool and well done.
beauroge wrote:
Mon Sep 13, 2021 10:52 am
This sounds really cool beauroge. Wow! :D
Making some new tuts right now.
Those are some nice tricks you showed us in that vid musikbear. And I like that piano sound you used in it too. Nice work. :D
Good to see that I and a few others, are not the only ones to make a trance gate tutorial. Very nice work giggedy.
Something about this problem seems familiar. :/