Audacity. 8-)
I was doing some research on digital music distribution companies but I couldn't find out what they do besides putting your music on Spotify, iTunes, etc. My question is: Do they actually do anything else besides putting up your music such as promoting it? I think they sorta do so, even if it is un...
Okay then. So this post is a duplicate, of another spam post. :P
Sick dope beat dude! 8-)

Tip: All this tune needs, is some good volume balancing. :)
One problem I think I notice, he does not start from the default synth1 sound. Edit: When I start at 63 default preset my synth1 does not really sound like the vid. He is also using an older version, the gui is a bit different on mine. I tried for 15 min or so, but my synth1 does not sound like his...
It sounds good so far.

Tip: Maybe if there was, a slightly heavy sounding, drum and bass style bass sound
thrown in there, it might full up the tune more, and make it sound extra cooler. 8-)
Hey. This music is really nice dude. :D
Superb tune.
The way you blended in together, that gritty bass, melody, and synth sounds in this
and made them fit well together, is quite a skillful achievement.

PS: Welcome to the forums Lightice.
I just listened to it. That beat sounds really good.
This sounds goooooooood!! 8-)