That is some really interesting info you gave there musikbear.
Lmms' Triple Oscillator is really good though. Even slipstick himself admitted, that he found it was better, than the one found in FL Studio. The sounds you can make with it, especially bass sounds, sound really deep and epic. And this is something I noticed from using it for years. 8-)
Welcome to the lmms forum. Bear is right, most people here communicate in English, but we do have a few Spanish speakers here, from Spain and Portugal.
Welcome to the lmms forum Agpeler.

Tip: Also, please don't embed hidden links in your post. ;)
Don't worry guys. They are being dealt with. If you see any, just report them immediately.
Hopefully he does an updated vid on lmms in the near future. That would be cool.
Yeah, no probs. It's an interesting subject though.
Gps wrote:
Wed Apr 14, 2021 4:04 pm
It got to position 2 in our charts once.

This is giving me ideas. :D
Thanks a lot for the "epic". I try not to waste time for listeners and also give people here some emotions if possible. This tune is quite simple tracks and that seem to work out. I use more Firebird than anything here (love it, vital is cool but eats my computer alive, lol) . I also made...
Gps wrote:
Sun Apr 11, 2021 4:09 pm
As a example how bad popular music can get.

Don't ask me how this ever became a small hit. Made as a joke.

That was a small hit? Wow! :D