The interesting thing that I learned over the years, is that even expensive headphones are guilty of colouring sound. Wow! :P
DJStarbreaker wrote:
Thu Sep 21, 2017 2:04 am
That was a typo, I meant mp4.
I heard about a site called Zamzar that can convert wav. to mp4. Hopefully that helps.
I discovered LMMS while in lockdown and no band to play with loving it got well carried away and made a clip to go with it I hope you dig this little riff on history I just listened to it and wow, it definitely sounds as if this is a classic track from years ago, that y...
Dude, this tune sounds really nice, and and I like the melody too. :D - Soundcloud link You ever look out of a window on a rainy day and just have an existential crisis? Yeah that is basically this song. I hope the melody is catchy enough for thi...
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House music is a really interesting genre. I will admit that. 8-)
BigDIppa? Dude, this is the first time I'm hearing about that plugin. :D
Dynamic processors? Interesting. Okay cool.
Yeah, record it in Audacity or Audacity portable, and use the Lame plugin for audacity, to turn it into mp3 audio files.
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