When will Alpha 2 happen ?
That low-frequency "bom-bom-bom-bom", that grows to be more and more 'crisp'? That in arpeggio on only one note, but it also seams to have some velocity change, because of that, i would make it manually, and not use the arpeggiater Let me know if you would like a demo/ tutorial Yes, very ...
A bit uncertain what you mean with sharp build In his demo he makes sharp changes several times, and then go back to the same slow filter-opening. Those sharp changes, is simply done by closing the filter through the automation inside few ms. But is that at all what you mean? That moment when music...
I would like to make in Lmms a synth buildup like this https://youtu.be/g9_5XqQm_H0?t=326

Do I need to create the beat but then how to make that sharp build?
When will 1.3 beta be available?
I thought next release will be 1.3.
1.2.2 is out
That has been discussed, it was not generally agreed upon. Can you formulate a really strong usecase, where that feature would be epic? You're creating in piano roll and have multiple section, 17 or so. After finished you need to change the melody having to select all of the notes of particular len...
This feature would select all of the notes in PR with the same length.
Can I use global fx mixer of the beat?
Can I add second channel to beat track ?