In the current stable version 1.1.3. When loading several identical plugins (Synth1 Ichiro Toda) the use of the CPU of the RemoteVstPlugin process is abysmal. Reaching 96% in Core i7, which seems crazy.


So all right, musikbear, thank you very much and forgive. If I put the Q on 1/192 (highest value) it does sound correctly.

It's not that I'm a Beethoven, but from what I play with my MIDI electronic keyboard to what sounds afterwards there's quite a difference. Of course I tried other programs or DAWs and there is what I play is what it sounds. And I mean that if I play very fast, the program (LMMS) is unable to process...
Hi friends. It would be interesting to import and export patterns of MIDI rhythm and even be able to create templates of rhythms base to modify (similar to saving a song as a template).. For example:

- Pop
- Rock
- Ballad
- Tecno
- Trance
- House
- Hip Hop
- ...

The problem is that even with version 1.0.2 works correctly. Since we don´t load VST have been used in FL Studio.

Hello friends. To use ASIO4ALL in LMMS. Download the following file and rename it to libportaudio-2.dll (first make a copy of this, just in case) Moderator note: The link has been removed after the site was altered ! Personally, i would not trust the site at the moment, and you should not sign up -i...