Just finished this
Feedback appreciated
It's just bassline there, do you mean something like having a section in which that's the focus?
Mayve I could work something out, there.
Thanks! I wanted it to be longer, too, but I didn't know what to do with it anymore, worrying that it'll just be too repetitive. I'm aiming for 5-7 minute tracks in the future. The melody being unclear isn't on purpose haha. I have no idea how to properly build a melody to be honest, so I just go wi...

Let me know what you think
Oh, okay haha. Thanks for the help.
Alright I installed 1.2.2, and I could select the latest preset without problems. Guess that was it.
What's wrong with rc-8 anyway? Simply an outdated version?
Oh I see. I'm running it from a USB drive, since my laptop flatout refused to download 1.2.0 rc-8 specifically.
Windows 10

It did crash out of the blue more often when I used it on Win 7, though.
Could be that it doesn't like loading presets with a heap of effects on them? Or maybe (Just noticed) that I saved it as a preset after sending it to the mixer?
I want to rule out every possibility :o
It's a re-occurring problem I've experienced.
Several sounds and presets I've made or edited (Drums, 3xOsc and ZynAddSubFX) can be saved, but as soon as I want to use them, LMMS just crashes. It's frustrating because I don't want to create a new preset for everything.
I use 1.2.0 rc-8.
Currently trying to finish this track