This is my first electric guitar track made in Lmms:

feedback is much appreciated.
This is really good! I’m a big fan of Touhou music so this remix of Shanghai Alice of Meiji was really fun to listen to. Just one question: did you use Edirol SD 90 samples to make this or did you use something else?
Yeah, the last time I made this track, the same thing happened, but the synths were overly compressed and just way too loud. I tried to turn them down later on, but I do get what you mean by the synths suddenly starting. It needed to be more progressive and build over time, and I wasn't able to deli...
An experimental edm track that transitions from piano piece to synths:

Feedback is much appreciated!
Decided to change my profile name to coincide with this new ep: All synths for this project were created with the triple oscillator (with the exception of Generic House as it was made with the demo version of FL studio). (Also if you wan...
This is the first glitch hop/dubstep track that I have ever released. It combines 8 bit chords with dubstep percussion and growls: ... el-advance
Feedback is much appreciated.
Thanks for the feedback hexagonz :D My tracks are usually fast paced and are very melodic, it’s just that I wanted this one to be slower. The trouble with that approach however, was that I ended up repeating too much, making the track longer than it needed to be. (Also there is a kick drum in the tr...
A sega genesis track that is a bit more experimental than my previous ones. It uses effects like reverb and moves at a much slower pace: ... chestral-2

Feedback is always appreciated.
Oh, sorry for the misunderstanding then. It’s just that the Touhou soundfont is sometimes referred to as the THfont, or just TH. Thanks for clarifying that.