Hi, A newbie (pro musician) to LMMS and loving it. I'm returning to home sound stuff after many years. My son is a rap artist and I'm doing him some beat tracks (with a difference). Sound fonts were not around when I last did midi. SF2 in LMMS is dream. I am working with a fairly recent computer in ...
Thanks for the reply, Dotsnspots.

Yes I should be more disciplined and keep the mixer always on top and work from there.

Hullo, A newbie loving using LMMS - fabulous program! But: Is there a way of preventing the huge crash as you play, mute or solo a particular track in Song Editor? Sounds like the whole sondfont is being dumped at once, like an entire drumset hitting the ground at once. It's quite explosive and not ...
Thanks for the info.
It worked for me.
This aspect for Windows users should definitely be in the Installation Guide.

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One bit of info which should be in the installation files for Windows users but isn't is that you should go to Settings and choose SDL. Then: Run > dxdiag > choose the 3rd tab (Display) > look in the top-right corner for Main Driver > copy it to the Settings for SDL dialog. Voila! Worked for me. Ano...